Friday, June 26, 2009

We have carnéts!

It is hard to believe that we passed the first month marker already. I thought I was started to be a little more brave about speaking Spanish; then we went to immigration yesterday. I was afraid of saying something wrong or ending up in the wrong place and not being able to meet up with our helper, but God was faithful and we were able to get our carnéts. The security guards were definitely laughing at us because I always look lost.

Life is beginning to fall into a routine. Classes, buses, directions...I wouldn't go as far as saying that I am confident, but they are proceeding well. The bus system has been a blessing. The five of us took our first trip to downtown Lima without Pastor Jim or any other guides this last week. We made it home before dark (which is at about 6pm), but it was close.

I don't know if people in the states are still scrambling over A1H1, but it is a big deal here. Just this morning, my hostess lectured me about making sure that I wash my hands a lot and am careful about the air I breathe on the bus. She takes good care of me. I think she is a little more concerned that she would normally be because Rochelle and I both have colds, but we are recovering quickly (possibly from all of the fruit we eat).

A special blessing of language learning has been learning to communicate how great my God is. This morning I asked Vicki if she would help me learn words to praise God and pray. We got out my Spanish Bible and starting looking up verses. I can't think of anything better about which to talk. I am enjoying learning to communicate spiritual things. My Christian friends here have really been a blessing.

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  1. is looking lost better than being lost? because I seem to perpetually get myself into that situation...Lol