Sunday, January 10, 2010

First Impressions

"How can something that is so different, be so alike?"

Camp in Peru is camp. There is no doubt about that. Singing, laughing, learning. Bug bites, sunburn, dirty feet. All the things you love...and the things you could live without.

The kitchen does not cease to amaze me. Our amazing cooks, Rosa and Fronilda (not even joking...that is her name), cook everything on three kerosene burners. That is right... no deep fryer, no griddle, no oven. They also keep enough water boiled so that the campers can come in and get a drink (but forget ice). Dishes are washed in the many sinks in cold water. I don't think there is hot water anywhere at camp, but it is not an issue. I didn't hear anyone complain about cold showers while we were there.

Manitoumi was brought to mind in so many ways. I missed my families from family camp, the faithful ones who come every year. I missed grass and golf carts. I missed the cooks and staff. Mount Victory and the beautiful pool (and all of its wonderful lifeguard equipment). I missed washing dishes in the big sinks...

Opportunities like this really help you to see what camp is all about. "A fun place to learn the right way to live."