Friday, June 5, 2009

As all of you are beginning to pull out your lighter clothes, we are starting bundle up. I have only seen the sun for two days since we arrived in Lima. The Peruvians are wearing winter coats, scarves, and gloves. I am wearing my sweaters, but really the temps are still in the upper fifties. It has misted a few times (maybe I should have brought that umbrella). Mostly, it is like living in a cloud that smells like exhaust fumes. I am living on a mountain (with a great view of the city from my window).

The first two weeks have gone really quickly, but looking back I can’t believe everything that has happened in two weeks. We are starting to take off in our Castellano (Spanish) and feel more comfortable striking up conversation on the bus. I am still struggling with verb conjugation, so I try to stick with present, past, and future conversations. I am frustrated by my lack of vocabulary options, but we are learning new words everyday.

Food: Our diet seems to be mostly carbs and fruits with a little bit of chicken and an even smaller amount of vegetables. I enjoy the rice and potatoes. I love all of the fresh bread and the variety of fresh fruit available in the “winter.” For breakfast we often have a drinkable oatmeal to start our day out right. Of course, to be truly Peruvian, it contains a lot of sugar. Peruvians are known to add sugar to everything even Pepsi! I haven’t tried any really weird food yet, but I am looking forward to some of the local treats!

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